2020, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies – The 3 key figures of an exceptional year

Since the creation of Bitcoin, the cryptosphere has been a separate space-time, which has its own repository. If we had to retain three figures representative of the past year in this universe, which would we choose?

24,300 dollars: new all-time high for the price of bitcoin

This long-awaited event closes the year 2020: the consecration of Bitcoin Fast Profit by the market . Its price has just printed a new all time high , exceeding (before retreating to form) the 25,000 dollars.

After crossing $ 10,000, and without a major correction, the price of BTC shows strong demand . The buying pressure is very powerful .

The available supply has only become scarce in 2020. In addition to halving (production of bitcoins divided by two), the balance of foreign exchange platforms fell by nearly 20% over the year.

Bitcoin balance exchange 2018-2020
BTC balance of exchange platforms versus BTC price since January 1, 2018
This bullish cycle , if it were to be of a magnitude comparable to the previous one, could drive the price of a bitcoin towards a 6-digit sum . Analysts share their most optimistic predictions , and smart money is eagerly awaiting newcomer new money.

Bitcoin: currency versus convenience

Bitcoin is struggling to establish itself as a means of payment . In contrast, it is digital gold in the eyes of investors. A conviction that is however far from being as robust as the protocol itself: price volatility remains high.

All of this euphoria isn’t shared by everyone, and Bitcoin is dividing. According to Jamie Dimon , governments will not let it swell indefinitely without reacting. For Mark Cuban , Bitcoin is a religion, not a solution to a problem. As for Peter Schiff , however liberal and very critical of Western monetary policy, Bitcoin still has no intrinsic value .

$ 14 billion locked in DeFi protocols

2020 was undoubtedly the year of decentralized finance ( DeFi ). As of December 20, DeFi protocols had more than $ 14 billion in cash.

DeFi total value lock TVL

The name “decentralized finance” is as old as Bitcoin, but it has taken on new meaning in recent years . Today, some platforms offer the same services as traditional banks , but without trusted third parties . Everything is based on smart contracts, these autonomous programs executed by decentralized networks of computers.

Loan , savings , trading , crowdfunding , predictive markets , anything is possible. Interest rates are much higher than those in traditional finance. Several tools now allow you to select the best returns so automatic .